blickvconnecticutDoctors Gary Blick and Ronald Levine are physicians in Connecticut who desired to provide medical aid in dying to their terminally ill, mentally competent patients who had requested it. Unfortunately, due to Connecticut’s criminal statutes, both physicians would not write a prescription for medical aid in dying due to their fear of criminal prosecution.

Blick and Levine filed suit against the Office of the Division of Criminal Justice, asking the court to declare that writing a prescription for medical aid in dying is not in violation of Connecticut’s manslaughter statutes, and physicians providing prescriptions for medical aid in dying cannot be criminally prosecuted.

The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled against medical aid in dying, stating that the matter should be left to the legislative branch of the government. Despite this setback, Compassion & Choices continues to push for medical aid in dying to be made available in the State of Connecticut.For more information, please click here.


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