Conversations With Irene Jackson-Brown

Irene Jackson-Brown is a gerontologist and an advocate for Compassion & Choices. She formerly taught at Yale and Howard University prior to working at a nonprofit in New York City. In her work as a gerontologist, she often helps families with end-of-life options, planning and care. 

Conversations With Irene Jackson-Brown: About Medical Aid in Dying


Irene provides her personal perspective on medical aid in dying and why she thinks it is important to have access to all options at the end of life. 

Conversations With Irene Jackson-Brown: End-of-Life Planning


Irene works with families and individuals around aging issues. Compassion & Choices’ work is a natural link to her role as a gerontologist. “End of life planning is important. It is for all of us who live in this life. It is a gift to your loved ones, survivors, families, partners — because we don’t know when death might knock on our doors.” Listen to Irene talk about the importance of “staying ready, so you don’t have to get ready as you move through the end of life.”