Our Top 10 for 2023

  1. Launched both a new strategic plan to guide our work through 2028 and the National Emergency and Palliative Care Initiative (NEPMI) to direct realistic end-of-life resources where they have been acutely lacking — the ER. a screenshot of our new strategic plan

    Our 2024-2028 Strategic Plan

  2. Unveiled new and updated well-loved resources to help with end-of-life matters, including releasing the second edition of Finish Strong, producing numerous engaging webinars, and launching our new empowerment newsletter and enhanced dementia tool. (Check out my article about our new tool!) a screenshot of our dementia tool

    Our brand new and enhanced Dementia Values & Priorities Tool

  3. Successfully campaigned to get the appalling Health and Human Services “Conscience Rule” partially rescinded. a screenshot from a newsletter story about HHS


  4. Served as a key amicus in Full Circle of Living and Dying v. Sanchez, a successful lawsuit that protected the rights of death doulas to provide support to dying Californians. legal partner john omalley

    John Kappos, partner at O’Melveny law firm, whose partnership secured a victory in Full Circle Living & Dying v. Sanchez.

  5. Founded the affinity groups Faith Leaders for Compassion and Catholics for Choice to broaden our reach and impact. a photo of zeena regis

    Zeena Regis, Director of Priority Populations/Faith Engagement

  6. Grew connections with diverse communities through stellar planning event The Journey Home; formed new relationships with five leading national Asian American and Pacific Islander organizations; augmented our innovative pilot for Ventinillas de Salud, provider of health services to Mexican people in the United States; and collaborated with Latinx Task Force on their newly adopted end-of-life resolution. on the left a photo of two women hugging, on the right several women sit in a row holding up our end-of-life planning guide

    (L) A tender moment at The Journey Home event. (R) Supporters in attendance at an event with the Latinx Task Force hold up one of our Spanish-language end-of-life planning tools at an event.

  7. Lobbied the Legislature in Oregon and worked with stakeholders in Vermont to permanently remove aid-in-dying residency requirements, and filed a new federal lawsuit in New Jersey to remove their residency restriction judy govatos stands in a flowery shirt in front of a wood panneled wall

    Judy Govatos, Wilmington, Delaware resident with stage 4 lymphoma who lives within driving distance of New Jersey and wants the option of medical aid in dying.

  8. Saw the first southern medical society move toward adopting a neutral stance on medical aid in dying, and advanced the practice in 15 states with innovative efforts like a state-spanning Walk for Justice in Connecticut and March to End Needless Suffering in New York. on the left, two people stand under a sign that says manchester, ct, town line. on the right, a woman at a street festival holds a sign in support of end-of-life choices

    (L) Advocacy & Outreach Program Director Tim Appleton and an advocate on their walk across Connecticut. (R) A supporter at a Compassion & Choices event in New York. Learn more about our state advocacy here.

  9. Protected medical aid in dying from being undone in Washington, D.C., and Montana, and filed a motion to intervene in a California lawsuit threatening its End of Life Option Act. close up, black and white picuture of peter sussman

    Peter Sussman, one of three interveners in a California lawsuit claiming the state’s revised End of Life Option Act discriminates against people with disabilities.

  10. Successfully passed improvement legislation in Washington state together with our partners at End of Life Washington as well as in Hawai’i, in both cases to reduce waiting periods and allow additional clinicians to participate, and supported local efforts of End of Life Options New Mexico to successfully get aid in dying in New Mexico covered by Medicaid. top - image of Washington's governor sitting with a woman in a government building. bottom - several people stand together to celebrate victory in hawaii

    (Top) Chief Advocacy Officer Charmaine Manansala and Washington Governor Jay Inslee. (Bottom) Hawai‘i legislative champions.