A Year of Impact: Help Us Soar Even Higher in 2024!

By Kim Callinan, Compassion & Choices President and CEO

As we approach the close of 2023, I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for your support of Compassion & Choices. There are many reasons for our continued progress, but above all is the dedication and generosity of people like you.

It was another banner year for Compassion & Choices, and I look forward to celebrating our achievements with you.

I’m also thrilled to share news of our December match campaign! A generous donor has pledged to match every dollar you contribute, doubling the impact of your support as we head into the new year.

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The contributions of people like you powered our work in a year filled with national recognition for Compassion & Choices and our allies. Here are a few highlights from 2023:

  • Ginger Fairchild's poignant CNN.com op-ed shared the journey of her late husband, Matt, navigating the challenges of his disease and finding relief through medical aid in dying. It underscored the need for reform, especially when facing burdensome restrictions of federally funded insurance like Veteran healthcare and Medicare.
  • Our impactful appearance on the Dr. Phil Show featured Dan Diaz, Ciara Fuentes and Dr. Chandana Banerjee. We addressed and countered outrageous lies and distortions from opponents, amplifying our message to a broader audience.
  • Our collaboration with Ondi Timoner and the creators of "Last Flight Home," a documentary nominated for an Emmy and short-listed for an Oscar, continues. The film beautifully portrays a family's love for their father and the profound experiences preceding his death.

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These moments and others like them have significantly expanded our reach and allowed us to connect with diverse audiences across various media. We are eager to build on these opportunities in 2024, and your support is crucial in making it possible.

Your continued generosity is the key to reaching our remaining goal of raising $350,000 online between now and midnight on December 31, unlocking Compassion & Choices' full potential in the new year. With so many exceptional partners in our movement, I have no doubt that we will succeed!