Finish Strong: About The Book

National Emergency and Palliative Medicine Initiative (NEPMI)

It’s hard to talk about death in America. The topic has been taboo, even when we’re aging or terribly sick. But the end will come to us all. So why not shape it to our values? Finish Strong is for those of us who want an end-of-life experience to match the life we’ve enjoyed — defined by love, purpose and agency. We know we should prepare, but are unsure how to think and talk about it, how to live true to our values and priorities as vigor wanes, and how to make our wishes stick, even if we can’t lift a finger to make it so.

The usual advice about advance directives and conversations is important but woefully inadequate. This book describes concrete action in the here and now to help live our best lives to the end. The second edition features valuable new material, including a new chapter called “Race and Culture Matter;” an Afterword by Kim Callinan, the President/CEO of Compassion & Choices; and a detailed index for the book.

Written with candor and clarity by a former nurse, physician assistant and attorney who became a leading advocate for end-of-life options, this book’s stories, facts and dialogue will help prepare for latter days that retain the purpose, grace and dignity you’ve always valued. It can help you Finish Strong. 

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